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ADH 625 Liters Display Fridge ADH SC Chiller – White


  • Capacity (Litre) 625 LTR
  • Beverage Display Cooler Yes
  • Type: Showcase Beverage Chiller
  • Mechanical Temperature Control with Adjustable Thermostat
  • Auto Defrost System
  • Integrated Arc Door (One Piece), Fashionable Appearance
  • Inner Light for Bright Showing Effect of Vertical Light to Have A Better Lighting
  • Double Layer Door Glass Design
  • Environment-Friendly Technology Convenience Wheels Design for Easy Moving with Self-Evaporate Water Disposal Pan
  • Low Voltage Start
  • With Internal and Bottom Fans to Provide Higher Cooling Efficiency
  • With Hot Air Flow to Avoid Water Condensation

UGX 3,420,000 UGX 3,590,000

ADH 625 Liters Display Fridge ADH SC Chiller – White

The ADH 625 Liters Display Fridge is a cutting-edge refrigeration appliance designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses, restaurants, and households. With its large capacity of 625 liters and striking white display, this chiller fridge combines functionality with aesthetics, making it a versatile and stylish addition to any space. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the specifications, features, and benefits of the ADH 625 Liters Display Fridge.

Design and Build Quality

The ADH 625 Liters Display Fridge boasts a sleek and modern design, featuring a white exterior that complements various decor styles. Its robust build quality ensures durability and long-lasting performance, making it ideal for commercial use in cafes, supermarkets, and convenience stores. The chiller fridge is designed to withstand heavy-duty usage while maintaining its efficiency and cooling capabilities.

Capacity and Storage Options for ADH 625 Liters Display Fridge

One of the standout features of the ADH SC 625 Liters Chiller Fridge is its generous capacity of 625 liters, providing ample storage space for a wide range of perishable items, beverages, and food products. The interior layout is intelligently designed with adjustable shelves, allowing users to customize the storage configuration based on their specific needs. The fridge also includes dedicated compartments for different types of items, ensuring efficient organization and easy access.

Cooling Performance for ADH 625 Liters Display Fridge

Equipped with advanced cooling technology, the ADH 625 Liters Display Fridge delivers exceptional performance in maintaining optimal temperature levels. Its reliable cooling system ensures uniform cooling throughout the interior, preserving the freshness and quality of stored items for extended periods. Whether it’s beverages, dairy products, fruits, or vegetables, this chiller fridge keeps everything at the perfect temperature for maximum shelf life.

Energy Efficiency

Despite its powerful cooling capabilities, the ADH 625 Liters Display Fridge is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It utilizes eco-friendly refrigerants and energy-saving features to minimize electricity consumption, making it a cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice for businesses and households. The fridge is ENERGY STAR certified, indicating its commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability.

Digital Display and Controls

The ADH 625 Liters Display Fridge is equipped with a user-friendly digital display panel that provides easy access to temperature settings, operational modes, and other essential functions. The intuitive controls allow users to adjust the temperature with precision, ensuring optimal cooling performance based on the stored items. The digital display also provides real-time temperature readings, enabling users to monitor the internal conditions at a glance.

LED Lighting

Enhancing both functionality and aesthetics, the ADH 625 Liters Display Fridge features energy-efficient LED lighting inside the unit. The bright and evenly distributed LED lights illuminate the interior, making it easy to locate items and showcase products effectively. Additionally, LED lighting generates less heat compared to traditional bulbs, contributing to overall energy savings and maintaining a consistent temperature inside the fridge.

Security and Convenience Features

For added security and convenience, the chiller fridge is equipped with features such as a lockable door, ensuring that stored items remain safe and protected. The door seal is designed to create a tight barrier, minimizing temperature fluctuations and preserving the freshness of perishable goods. The fridge also includes adjustable feet for stability and easy leveling on uneven surfaces, making installation hassle-free.

Noise Levels and Maintenance

Despite its powerful cooling capabilities, the ADH 625 Liters Display Fridge operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment in both commercial and residential settings. The low noise levels make it suitable for use in customer-facing areas without causing disruptions. Additionally, the fridge is designed for easy maintenance, with removable shelves and trays for effortless cleaning and upkeep.


The ADH SC 625 Liters White Display Chiller Fridge

In conclusion, the ADH 625 Liters Display Fridge stands out as a versatile, reliable, and energy-efficient refrigeration solution for various applications. Its spacious capacity, advanced cooling technology, user-friendly controls, and robust build quality make it a top choice for businesses and households alike. With a focus on performance, efficiency, and durability, this chiller fridge delivers exceptional value and functionality, making it an excellent investment for any environment. Shop the ADH SC 625 Liters form Bawuza Uganda and get yourself a free delivery to your door step


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