Hisense 180L Chest Freezer Single Door – Grey


  • 180-litre gross  capacity
  • 145-liter net capacity
  • Preservation of cold up to 24 hour
  • Quick and Deep Freezing
  • Mechanical Temperature Control with Adjustable Thermostat
  • Environment-friendly Technology
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Low Noise Design
  • Water Disposal Device
  • When the Thermostat is Set Off, the Compressor can be Closed
  • Over-temperature Alarm Indicator Light and Power Indicator Light

UGX 828,000 UGX 950,000

Hisense 180L Deep Freezer Single Door -Grey

Hisense 180L Chest Freezer is equipped with a convenient mechanical temperature feature with an adjustable thermostat. The eco-friendly refrigerator features an international standard design and operates while emitting a low noise level. Other smart qualities include Quick and Deep Freezing, Defrosting with Water Disposal Device, Over-Temperature Alarm, and integrated LED light. The fridge also boasts of aluminum embossing and castors for easy movement.

Introducing Deeper Freezer.

The Hisense 180L Chest Freezer looks ultra-sleek and ultra-modern with its all-white minimalistic design. The freezer has a large capacity of 180 liters so that you stash away your goods safely and securely. You can store various types of meats, vegetables and fruits and not be afraid of your goods losing their nutrients as the freezer keeps them as fresh as possible.

Reliable option for refrigeration

The Hisense Chest Freezer is also a very reliable alternative offering you high performance in freezing your food items to keep them fresh, very efficient low energy consumption with an amazing low noise design. It has a mechanical temperature control and an adjustable thermostat for efficient freezing function which gets everything in it so cool very fast, it still stays cool and this way it gets to preserve your perishable food items for a very long time.

Hisense 180L Chest Freezer -grey;

Our hectic and modern lifestyle demands a lot of appliances to help us through our daily lives. Appliances can simplify our lives and save a lot time and effort while proving to be useful. Freezer is very useful machine to have in our homes. We need it to store vegetables and other goods to be used on another day.

Reliable refrigeration

Hisense 180L Chest Freezer provides reliable frozen storage and feature a convenient center-located lid handle and a quiet motor. The indicator light reassures you that power is supplied to the freezer. Rapidly lowers the temperature in the freezer by activating fast freeze in order to ensure your food is frozen quickly. it also come with an adjustable temperature. It is particularly useful when freezing large amounts of food.

Advanced Cooling Technology:

Equipped with advanced cooling technology, this deep freezer ensures rapid and uniform cooling throughout the interior, preserving the freshness and quality of your frozen foods.

Adjustable Temperature Control:

The freezer features adjustable temperature control, allowing you to set the ideal temperature according to the specific requirements of your frozen items. This flexibility helps optimize energy usage while maintaining optimal freezing conditions.

Fast Freezing Function:

The fast freezing function enables quick freezing of freshly added items, preserving their texture, flavor, and nutritional value. This feature is particularly beneficial for storing perishable foods and preserving their freshness over an extended period with the Hisense 180-litre Deep Freezer.

Durable Construction with Hisense 180-Litre Chest Freezer:

Built with quality materials and sturdy construction, the Hisense 180L Deep Freezer is designed for long-lasting durability and reliability. Its robust build ensures years of dependable performance, making it a worthwhile investment for any household or business.

Convenient Storage Features:

The deep freezer is equipped with convenient storage features such as removable baskets and adjustable shelves, allowing for easy organization and access to frozen items of various sizes.

Low Maintenance with Hisense 180L Chest Freezer:

With its low-maintenance design, the Hisense 180-Litre Chest freezer requires minimal upkeep, saving you time and effort. Periodic cleaning and defrosting are made simple, ensuring hassle-free operation.

Sleek Design with Hisense 180L Chest Freezer:

The freezer’s sleek and modern design adds a touch of style to any space, whether it’s placed in a kitchen, pantry, or storage area. Its compact footprint makes it suitable for both small and large environments.

Reliable Brand with Hisense 180L Chest Freezer:

Hisense is a reputable brand known for producing high-quality appliances backed by excellent customer service and warranty support. Choosing the Hisense 180L Deep Freezer provides assurance of reliability and satisfaction

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