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Hisense 6Kg Front Loader Washing Machine (Automatic) Efficiency A+++ -20%; Quick Wash – Grey


  • Energy Saving for Money
  • Super Quick Wash for Time Saving
  • Intelligent LED Display
  • Snowflake Drum for Clothes Protecting
  • Smart Spin Balance control.
  • Drum Self Clean for Health
  • 45-degree high handle design

UGX 1,150,000 UGX 1,349,000

Hisense 6Kg Front Loader Washing Machine (Automatic) Efficiency A+++ -20%; Quick Wash – Grey

Introducing the Hisense 6Kg Front Loader Washing Machine, a compact yet powerful appliance designed to meet the diverse needs of modern households. With its efficient performance, innovative features, and user-friendly design, this washing machine offers the perfect balance of convenience and effectiveness for your laundry care needs.

6KG Washing Capacity for Small Loads:

The Hisense 6Kg Front Loader Washing Machine offers a compact yet spacious drum capacity, perfect for handling small to medium-sized laundry loads with ease. Whether you’re washing everyday clothing, bedding, or delicate fabrics, this washing machine provides ample space to get the job done efficiently.

Max. Spin – 1,000RPM for Faster Drying:

Experience quicker drying times with the maximum spin speed of 1,000 revolutions per minute (RPM) offered by the Hisense 6kg Front Loader Washing Machine. The high spin speed helps extract more water from your laundry, reducing drying time and energy consumption.

Efficiency A+++ -20% for Energy Savings:

With an impressive Energy Efficiency Class rating of A+++ -20%, the Hisense 6kg Front Loader Washing Machine helps you save energy and reduce utility costs without compromising on cleaning performance. Enjoy efficient and eco-friendly laundry care with this energy-saving appliance.

Quick Wash for On-the-Go Cleaning:

Save time on laundry day with the quick wash feature of the Hisense 6kg Front Loader Washing Machine. Whether you’re in a hurry or need to refresh a small load of laundry quickly, this function allows you to complete your laundry tasks efficiently and conveniently.

Snowflake Drum for Gentle Fabric Care:

Protect your clothes from damage and wear with the snowflake drum design of the Hisense 6kg Front Loader Washing Machine. This innovative drum features a unique pattern that helps prevent tangling and friction, ensuring gentle yet thorough cleaning for all types of fabrics.

Drum Clean for Hygienic Washing:

Maintain optimal cleanliness and hygiene with the drum clean function of the Hisense 6kg Front Loader Washing Machine. This feature helps remove dirt, bacteria, and detergent residue from the drum, ensuring that your laundry is washed in a clean and sanitary environment.

Max Temperature Option (℃) – 95 for Deep Cleaning:

Customize your wash cycle with the max temperature option of 95 degrees Celsius offered by the Hisense 6kg Front Loader Washing Machine. This high temperature setting is ideal for tackling tough stains and ensuring thorough sanitation of your laundry.

Allergy Steam Care for Sensitive Skin:

Experience relief from allergens and irritants with the allergy steam care feature of the Hisense Front Loader Washing Machine. This function uses steam to effectively remove allergens and bacteria from your laundry, providing a gentle yet powerful solution for sensitive skin.

Baby Care and Baby Steam Care for Delicate Fabrics:

Ensure the safety and comfort of your little ones with the baby care and baby steam care functions of the Hisense 6kg Front Loader Washing Machine. These features provide gentle cleaning and sterilization for delicate fabrics, keeping your baby’s clothes soft, clean, and hygienic.

Stop and Reload Forgotten Items for Added Convenience:

Never worry about forgetting to add an item to your wash cycle again with the stop and reload function of the Hisense 6kg Front Loader Washing Machine. This feature allows you to pause the wash cycle, open the door, and add or remove items as needed, providing added flexibility and convenience.

Anti-Foam Sensor System for Optimal Performance:

Ensure optimal cleaning results with the anti-foam sensor system of the Hisense 6kg Front Loader Washing Machine. This intelligent feature detects excessive foam during the wash cycle and adjusts the detergent dosage accordingly, preventing over-sudsing and ensuring thorough cleaning

Why a Hisense 6Kg Front Loader Washing Machine

The little budget unfortunately does not go by itself. So a helper has to come here! The Hisense 6kg Automatic Front Loader washing machine makes washing clothes much easier. Whether bright, colorful or fine – with a capacity of up to seven kilograms, dirty laundry almost disappears by itself. And thanks to the fast spin speed of 1,200 rpm, the laundry is dry again in no time. As a true helper, the device can do even more: The “snowflakes” -breaker drum is particularly gentle to fine textiles. The anti-foam sensor system protects against over dosage of detergent – this protects the skin when wearing the clothes.

No Flooding with Hisense 6Kg Front Loader Washing Machine

The Aqua Stop hose prevents flooding. The drum cleaning program cleans the drum completely without any chemicals and removes deposits, bad odors and prolongs the life of the washing machine. And with the start time delay, the washing process will start exactly when you want it. Extra Plus: The energy efficiency class A +++ protects the environment and the wallet, because the energy consumption is particularly low.


Ever started your front load washing machine and forgot a few items. No need to worry just “Stop and Reload”


Redistributes your laundry inside the drum to ensure smooth and quiet spin operation.

Creature of habit? Save your favorite wash cycle by pressing the “I. Program” button for 3 seconds. Simply recall it on your next wash by pressing a single “I. program” button.

Want to start your wash cycle later to suit your schedule? Press the “Delay” touch button to select the delay time up to 23 hours


Automatically measures and adjusts water temperature to better suit dissolve detergent for your wash.

Automatically measures and adjusts the amount of foam build-up during the wash cycle. Too much detergent may create excess foam and leave residue on your clothes


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